Manufacturing Diecut Decals

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Manufacturing Diecut Decals


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Manufacturing diecut decals is a procedure that can be very simple with the right kind of machinery. Like any other work it requires careful attention to detail and knowledge about the job on hand. Die cutting systems need to be extremely flexible and precise to afford the best results.

Modular die cutting systems:

It is always better to have modular die cutting systems since diecut decals are often made to specification and require short runs. A modular die cutting system lets you change steel rule dies in a few minutes only. You can also swap to hard tooling for longer runs and handle coil-fed or sheet-fed jobs. A wide array of input and output modules can also be reconfigured for different jobs having different requirements.

Accessories for manufacturing diecut decals:

In addition to the actual die cutting machine, there are several accessories or complementary machines that can make the job easier.

Dies: Different types of dies are available for different requirements and different jobs. Some jobs require high quality dies but for a short run only. Others may require high quality dies that can be used and reused over for long runs. Depending on the diecut decals to be produced, the dies can be made accordingly. Costs of different dies vary, hence it is important to be sure of the requirements beforehand.

Coil extractors: A coil extractor is used to remove the parts left behind in the web. It also rewinds the scrap web neatly. This process is automated and consistent and much more efficient than manual or automated knockout methods.

Sheet extractors: The sheet extractor is a machine that simply bends the plastic sheets so that the diecut decals pop loose and can be easily extracted. Some sheet extractors even come with conveyor belts and a method to neatly pile up the diecut decals for easy packaging.

Static controls: Static is a major hazard in manufacturing diecut decals. It can interfere with the efficient functioning of the die cutting machine. A static control module eliminates all the problems that can occur due to static and ensure smooth running of the entire operation.

Diecut decals have many applications in a large number of industries and the growing popularity of diecut decals has also led to improvement in the technology.

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