What Are Diecut Decals

What Are Diecut Decals

Applications of Diecut Decals

Characteristics of Good Diecut Decals

Manufacturing Diecut Decals


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Have you ever seen the cool stickers on the back of broncos, in store windows and on windshields? There was a time before diecut decals were discovered, that the decals were not quite so attractive and versatile.

Die cutting is a superior technique used to fabricate challenging designs into decals. To create high quality diecut decals one would require superior part-to-part consistency. State of the art diecut equipment includes roll-to-roll rotaries, continuous length, flatbed, high-speed, steel-rule kiss cutters; computer controlled rotary converting systems and advanced high-speed kiss cutting presses. Accurate registration is the key behind producing good quality diecut decals.

Characteristics of diecut decals

Diecut decals are traditionally printed on vinyl. Originally you could get diecut decals only in two colors. One was the color of the vinyl itself and the print color, which was most often black. Thus diecut decals were largely available as 2 color decals – black and one more base color.

With advances in technology things have changed. The diecut decals are available in all shapes and in full color!

Diecut decals are popular because they are generally very sturdy against all kinds of weather. In addition they can be made fast and cheap. The fact that they are easy to produce is like icing on the cake.

Applications of diecut decals

Diecut decals are extremely versatile and used in practically every industry.

The advertising industry uses diecut decals to promote products and services. The diecut decals are given away as freebies to increase sales. Official and government organizations use diecut decals to identify official premises and property. Schools use diecut decals to create a feeling of belonging, harmony and identification within students – especially on sporting events played away from home.

Thus diecut decals have a wide variety of applications.

In general, diecut decals are very popular because of the speed with which they can be produced, their attractive appearance and their affordability!

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